Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fusion Rundown #2

I'll keep this short because I'm tired and ready to hit the hay. Of course I have to mention the Yankees getting the heave ho from the playoffs. It will be weird to watch the Yankees if Torre gets fired, because he has been there since I can remember caring about pro baseball. That said....I couldn't be happier to see the Yanks lose, they have the worst fans in the world. They've made the playoffs like 50 years in a row and still aren't satisfied.

Music tonight:

Here is Our King: key of A
I Lift My Eyes: key of F
Message on Matthew 18
Hungry: key of C (Rose led)
Give us Clean Hands: key of G
From the Inside Out: key of E
Thank You for Loving Me: key of E

Band: me on acoustic and vox and Rose on vox

I thought musically Rose and I were right on tonight. Probably because we've been doing so much music lately that it just kind of fell into place. That was great for us. The overall service was just average. The response has been harder for me to deal with every week. As much as worship is just about me and God and allowing others to come into a place of being with Him, it is also important to see how people are responding to it. I feel like every week I put in all this effort and energy but people just stare at a screen with words and sing empty songs to Jesus I guess. I don't want to be a pessimist but I also want to know that I'm creating an environment that is inviting for the Spirit and allowing others to experience God in a new and special way. So I struggle with this constantly...every time I lead worship but I guess I don't think about it when I get compliments and see people raise their hands and sing with their eyes closed, even though I know its something that is in the heart. So as important as response is, it is also from the heart which is hard to gauge from outward signs. I do know that I was drawn into praising God for all he has provided in my life, and tonight that is reason enough to lead worshipers to Him.


Vin Thomas said...

This is constantly a struggle for me too. It is always nice to see the people entering into worship with a physical response (eyes closed, prayer, hands, voices, etc) -- but it doesn't always work out that way.

What can we do to free people up in worship?

Tyler and Rose said...

hey babe,
I know this has been a challenging ministry, and the involvement level can be really confusing. But one thing that God has really been teaching me- I can only do so much- I am just one- but with him- I am a powerful person who has the power of the Lord almighty a army full of angels behind me. That is so profound.
I know it can be frustrating when you put all this effort and time into it, and you feel that practically all you get back is a slap in the face- but remember this is where God called us- you continue to do your part, and God IS AND WILL CONTINUE to do the rest. There is great great power behind that. And remember I am right there by your side. :)

mirandita said...
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mirandita said...

totally get what you're saying, but try not to let that discourage you. some people are more introverted with their worship while others are outward. although, it is your responsibility as the worship leader to be sensitive to the way those in that setting worship so that it may create a worship experience that is, comfortable is not the right word but there does have to be a sense of comfort so that their hearts can be softened. It's very tricky to be able to help create a setting that allows people to be freed up and be comfortable enough, vulnerable enough to offer praise, surrender and worship.

for me personally, flow is key. if it doesn't flow well and i have to keep stopping and wondering where we're going next, what we're singing next, what the words are, etc., i have a hard time getting in the zone so to speak. i get distracted. if one song flows to the next almost seamlessly, it's like one long prayer and i love that.

Sorry i deleted the first one cause i changed part of it.