Wednesday, November 7, 2007

In but Not Of .3

Willow Creek pastor Bill Hybels has recently written a book about relationship evangelism. It is called Just Walk Across the Room, here is some info about it. He is basically encouraging believers to enter into the non believers world instead of us waiting for them to come to ours. This seems to reciprocate what we've been discussing quite well.

On to numero tres.

3. Buy season tickets to a local sports team. Not only will you create relationships with other season ticket holders with seats close to yours, but there is no way to go to every game. You can use this to bless friends from all walks of life. Now make sure you have the money for this...season tickets ain't cheap. Baseball has the most games so if you are really wanting to be able to give a lot of tickets away, that is the way to go. In places far away from sports , like my in laws, thanks for reading gar and lynne :) you will obviously have to be more creative. Tickets to underwater basket weaving are great.

This is my last post on this. So I'd love to hear YOUR ideas?


Ross Gale said...

When you get season tickets to anything you're welcome to bless me with them.

mirandita said...

what this whole topic really speaks to me about is caring enough about people to DO something. my bigggggest pet peeve is christians who have the time and means to help but don't, they are comfortable in their own lives and don't want to disrupt their routine. that's why churches are run by 10% of the congregation doing 100% of the work, we are in desperate need for helpers here and there, but people hear the need and just justify not helping by making their lives too important or busy to take on the challenge of becoming an active worker in the hive. until christians give up the mindset that helping further the kingdom is "work", they'll never get the incredible blessing it is to be a contributing part of the body.

season tickets is a great idea. you could split it between a worship team and give people a schedule of what games they have, that way the cost goes down, and the amount of people reached could be substantial.

Tyler Braun said...

That is a good idea. Getting tickets with a group makes it easier to afford but still possible to give tickets away.

Vin Thomas said...

hi tyler. I'm with your dad right now and I am showing him how to add a comment.

colorwheel said...

I have way too many ideas to post here.....but want to say that your ideas are great.
Hey,(don't laugh)I once took a class in basketweaving when we lived in a different state and it was a riot! Yep, just another wonderful way to meet people.
I love listening to the podcasts from Willow Creek, downloading them to itunes. Even for those without an ipod, it's great listening from your computer. I recommend "Across the Room" series, #1-7, which talks about exactly what your challenges have been addressing. They are very inspirational.
And, on a contemporary search for things you might have in common with others, check out "", for an exhaustive list of goals and interests of others.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ty!

colorwheel said...

Yes, now I see obviously, that these messages that Bill Hybels gave in '04-'05 are the backbone of the book, of the same title. ("Just walk across the Room")As stated on the site you highlighted, it would be a great thing for a church to take on as subject for small group studies. A novel idea!