Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Tonight on SportsCenter they had a showcase on Jim Jones, one of the most infamous men in US History. I have to admit that I had never heard of him. It isn't common for history classes to teach modern religion history is my only excuse. I consider myself a person who knows a fair amount for my age but this I did not know. Here is a video about Jim Jones and Jonestown, Africa.

SportsCenter was showing this because Jim Jones' grandson is now a freshman on the basketball team at the University of San Diego. Jones' son was in the capital of Guyana at the time of the mass murder-suicide. He and some of his brothers had formed a basketball team and they were playing in a tournament in Georgetown, Guyana. That is how only a few descendants of Jim Jones survived. Really...an amazing story despite how shocked I was that I had never heard of this event specifically.

I know this isn't news to most people who read this. It just amazes me how much the Gospel can be skewed.


Anonymous said...

Guyana is in South America, not Africa.

Tyler said...

my bad. now you know my weakness. i'm ignorant. thanks for staying anonymous though.