Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things I've Learned about Leading Worship by Being a Janitor .2

2. It is important for me to check in with people who have areas that I clean. I don't do this on a regular basis but when I see them I try and make sure they are satisfied with the cleanliness of their area. I try and ask in a way that allows them to be honest. If they don't think its clean then I want them to tell me. No sense in cleaning the same way if they don't think its clean.

This is so huge for leading worship. People say its most important for the worship leader to first be worshiping God. Well yeah, but whats the point if the rest of the church is left behind and the leader is just doing their own thing. I think the best way to make sure this isn't happening to is talk with some random people in the congregation that the leader trusts can be honest. A worship leader is leading others to a place of intimacy with God, not just a place of intimacy for them and God.


mirandita said...

very good point once again, mr. braun. this is huge indeed. i'm pretty oldschool in my preferences for worship music (hello, heritage singers?) so i have to really make a conscious effort to adapt my preferences with what the congregation would find comforting to enter into worship. it's a bummer when a leader doesn't grasp how important this is, and if the congregation doesn't outwardly show their worship the assumption might be that it speaks of the individuals in the congregation's personal walks and not the environment the leader himself helping facilitate.

however, if the leader is looking for honest feedback and people aren't honest with him/her because of fear or whatever, that's obviously not good.

scott mackey... said...

my friend, i really like what you are doing with your blog as far as small running themes and consistent posts. I love your anology and I think thats true in all walks of life. Any time we are in a service position it is so important (but so hard) to make sure we are serving as those we serve need and want to be served, not just as we find it easy to serve. later.

p.s. first place still feels good.

Ross Gale said...

Thats a good parallel and a really a good point.

Jenni said...

EXACTLY!!! The point of being a lead worshiper is LEADING/ushering others to the foot of His throne... or else you may as well be sitting in the pews with the other worshipers, right?