Sunday, December 2, 2007

God Tube .2

Tonight at Insight (Sunset's High School group), we showed a video that I've heard many, many people talk about. This is a "buzz" of some sort created by God Tube because that is where the video is found. Now could this exist on You Tube and be highly successful....of course. But I don't want to debate that again. For the 95% of you that have seen this, sorry. This is for the 5% of you that haven't. The first minute or two are a little boring but give it time, you will be blown away. If God Tube can provide a place for original content (like this video) then I can guarantee it will be a success and a success I will support.


mirandita said...

yeah, this video is awesome, i tear up every time.

GodSide said...

no comment.