Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Right or Left

It seems to me that the press is starting to catch on to this thing called the postmodern generation and the emerging church. I want you to see this great video by NBC News. I have at least 3 times as many friends who will vote for a democrat (likely Obama) and not a republican. This has far reaching implications for not just next November. I'm not going to give a stance on this, just want you to be enlightened.

You have to click the video and you link to the webpage.
God has 4,235,843 friends on MySpace
God has 4,235,843 friends on MySpace


Jenni said...

Awesome clip!

Who cares if you're right or left! All that matters is that we introduce people to Christ and further His kingdom.

Tyler and Rose said...

well put Jenni! I agree sistah!