Friday, January 11, 2008

Fortuitous Bouncing

Another week has come and gone. It is weird to still be on Christmas break but just as busy as during school. I have a feeling that some of my Christmas break habits will have to change once school starts again in a week.

Here are some of my thoughts.

I think...

-The idea behind outdoor hockey is pretty sweet but this article does a good job of advocating for why it should only happen once a year at most.

-That this is the sweetest website I have ever seen. Give it ten seconds.

-I'm actually interested in politics for the first time in my life. I think the reason behind this is that I have a greater understanding of theology and it effects how I think God interacts with the world and how we should as well.
Here is some good politics stuff for those who care:
-A look into the religious beliefs of every main canidate and their coordinating stances on several issues.
-A Newsweek article on Huckabee and how his beliefs effect is candidacy.
-My friend Scott has a blog on why he is voting for Obama.

-How scary it is that more and more people are saying they have religious beliefs but they are not attending a church. Check out this article on this.

-That the topic of Islam being a violent/peaceful religion is interesting. This blog takes a look at the subject and has some good things to say.

-That I was never a fan of TBN and then I read this. It didn't help much.

-I hate weddings. I swear I have to take a loan out just to afford being in one.

-I can't wait for Leeland's album to come out in late February. Their single is money.

-That you should have a great weekend.


deut-x said...

Hey Tyler! I like your posts you do with a lot of the things you have found over the last week or so.

colorwheel said...

On "believers" not attending church....we must ask, What is church SUPPOSED to look like? Is it supposed to be in a big building, with a minimal number of people in the congregation? Can it be a home fellowship? Can it be people meeting together through the internet? ("Where two or more are gathered in my name"...) I understand some of the comments coming from people in the linked article. There are some things to ponder here...

Jenni said...

that "fun" website is pretty tight. Made me laugh!

trevor said...

that website is cool but do you actually shop there because the stuff was pretty cheap?

GodSide said...

u continue to make me laugh about your political comments...cant wait to have our talk.

You seem to be enamored with your buddy Scotts comments on Obama. I just dont see them as very revolutionary or new. I heard a great quote this week;

"Socialism = Whats yours is mine.
Christianity = Whats mine is yours."

Think about it...

Tyler said...

If you read colorwheels comment and can't be on the internet. I guarantee internet churches will continue to grow in number as time goes on. so my answer is yes. is that any different than watching a church service on tv? fact it is really a lot better.
kurt (godside)- im not enamored with scott...he is my friend and i thought he wrote a good blog.
trevor- no i don't shop from that website...if you give me some money i will though :)