Friday, January 25, 2008

Fortuitous Bouncing

The talk of the week around here is about how cold it has been. Sure temperatures in the 20s and 30s is cold for here, but comparatively it is nothing. The Packers/Giants game was played in a wind chill in the -20s. My grandparents in Minnesota said they barely got above zero everyday for the past week. So to all Oregonians: it ain't cold.

  1. This guy says politics and religion don't mix.
  2. I've been a big Myspace hater for a while. I have an account that I hardly ever use and I have been looking for a reason to delete it and then I read this. I am pretty sure I might go along with this...should I?
  3. Barack did a Q/A session with Christianity Today and they did ask the tough questions.
  4. The Dem debate this week was so much better than last week.
  5. Donald Miller had a cool article featured on
  6. The same church that likes to protest Iraq war veteran funerals is planning to protest Heath Ledger's funeral. Anyone else want to show up and punch some people in the face?
  7. The new Passion cd is coming out soon. SWEET!
  8. Some good thoughts on how often to introduce new music in church.
  9. A good blog on what Huckabee would need to do to win nomination.
  10. This was the American Idol highlight of the week for me. Hands down. "I'm going to be the next World Idol." Haha.


Robert said...

Congratulations, New Husband! :-)

Oregon is beautiful country- Only actual rain forest in N. America, and those forests are amazing!

When ya get a chance, hop over to my blog and see if we might can swap links, eh? The Lord bless you and your dear one with uncanny joy for all your days! Yeah, nights too.

Tyler said...

thanks robert. just over a year now. oregon is very beautiful....wet right now though. I enjoyed your blog.