Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Going Green

I was listening to Jim Rome on the radio today. He brought up some interesting information that was included in the divorce papers for Shaquille O'Neal and his now ex-wife. The biggest shocker of all the info was that he spends $24,000 on gas......a MONTH. Yeah...a month. I wonder how it is even possible to spend that much on gas.
Jim spends a lot of his show reading listener emails. Here are some in response to this that were hilarious. Enjoy.

Dear Jim-
That is a lot of gas. Can we invade him?


Dear Jim-
We are glad that Shaq is supporting us.

-The Middle East


mirandita said...

what?! Am i missing something? how is is possible to spend that much on gas? maybe he sniffs it. that would explain his unusually huge feet.

Jake Belder said...

Yeah that's nuts. He must be driving like 500 miles a day in an H1 Hummer.

GodSide said...


Your colors shine through again. Obama has got your vote.

Tyler said...

maybe i was the only one who found the dubya joke funny.