Monday, January 14, 2008

One Year Ago: Hana, Maui

One year ago today Rose and I were in Hana, a small city on the edge of a rain forest on Maui. It is the craziest 25 mile, 2.5 hour drive I have ever been on, but very worth it. We spent two of our honeymoon days there. It is a totally different place than the rest of Maui because there is nothing to do tourist wise. The only decent hotel there costs over $450 a night (obviously we didn't stay there). It was a nice relaxing escape from the rest of the island. I went body surfing here because the waves were much bigger than where we had stayed before. If you ever go to Maui and really want to escape from it all, look online for condos in Hana. I found our place using this site. Enjoy the pictures.


Jess said...

We were in Hana last year for Christmas and it was so beautiful. We made the hike up the mountain to the falls and that drive made me car sick. I remember coming home and going to your wedding and being very bitter that you were on your way to Hawaii because I wasn't ready to come home!

mirandita said...

I'm so jealous. When we were in Maui, we didn't do the road to Hana. Next time ;) Nice pics.