Monday, January 7, 2008

Pat Robertson's 2008 Predictions

This guy is a piece of work. I'm sure a lot of you younger readers might not even know who this guy is and that isn't entirely a bad thing. But check this out because he is an important figure within the Christian faith whether you like him or not.

Here is a CNN article on his comments and a great blog on some of his past "prophesies" if they are even worth being called that (doubtful). I guess he has been making these predictions almost every year since before I was born. Wow.

I could easily rip into him with all my might, but I'll try not to.
Some thoughts on Pat...

-Why even make these predictions? I mean he is wrong a lot more than he is right. In my book he is cheapening what it means to be spoken to by God. In my theology class we talked a little bit about what makes a prophet and the first criteria was being able to predict things correctly. I wonder what a non Christian would say about best guess is that he is a joke.

-Pat isn't his given first name. I wonder why he would allow that to become his nickname and used as his first name. I mean I understand Tiger going away from Eldrick. But going from Marion to Pat doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Most people I know picture this when the name Pat is said.

-I think it is awesome that he is a more charismatic person within the Southern Baptist Convention. I know he isn't a pastor anymore, but when he was he led in that way.
-His comment about Hugo Chavez is up there as one of the worst statements by a Christian leader in the past century.
-His ability to start a tv program from scratch in 1960 was innovative and bordering on genius.

I think I'll end on a positive note with this. It would have been all too easy to rip him a part, so I'll take the high road...kind of.

What do you all think about this controversial guy?


Vin Thomas said...

So did we ever find out if Pat was a man or a woman?

Tia Lynn said...

Very funny, connecting Pat Robertson with Pat from SNL!

mirandita said...

Hmmm... Pat Robertson, I don't know too much about him so I won't pretend like i do. it just seems like he gets into controversial territory quite often.

p.s. he has rather large ears.