Saturday, January 5, 2008

Perfect Partner

As we approach our one year anniversary, I think it is time I recognize my wife through this blog. She reads them all and never complains about me never talking about her. I couldn't have asked for a better partner for life. She has worked so hard, especially since June, for us to be able to pay bills and for me to be able to go to school. A 40 hour work week doesn't apply for her because she is always working 55 hours and 6 days a week and keeping 2 jobs. I have yet to hear her complain about this, even though I know she wishes she could work less. We keep our apartment pretty chilly too and she has finally gotten used it. It cut our winter time electric bill in half for her to use blankets. Thank you Ro, you are wonderful. If you know Rose, pat her on the back for me because she definitely deserves it. She is the best.


Meaghan said...

What a sweet shout out to Rose! Happy one year anniversary!!!

mirandita said...

rose, you look stunning as always!

happy anniversary you two love birds!

mirandita said...

hey, a small plane from anchorage headed to homer just crashed. i hope no one you know was on it.

colorwheel said...

I have info on the me. No one we know, but very, very sad. Flight was from Kodiak to Homer.

On a happy note, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, you two!