Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Starting Tomorrow

Hey friends. Starting tomorrow I'm going to begin a short book series on Irresistible Revolution. I'll go chapter by chapter, so 13 posts in all. I am looking forward to sharing some of the insights Shane Claiborne has from his book. It is a book that has challenged and shaken me. He has strong experiences and education that allow his responses to at least be credible and I hope that you can learn something from what he has to say. I'm looking forward to hearing your responses to some of the hard things he has to say and even controversial things he has to say.


GodSide said...

Controversial topics? That will be something new for you to right about. Do you think this time you could actually take a side on something? Tell us what TYLER thinks?

Tyler said...

No not yet. The purpose of the book study is to create dialog. At the end I will post some of my thoughts on it.