Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Rundown .1 .20 .08

Well it was my first Sunday leading at Sunset. I had played a few other weekends and led on a few songs but today the 11am service was my baby (with the help of Jay on choosing some of the songs). For those of you who do not know (probably most of you) the 9am service is more traditional and the 11am service is more modern. Obviously the 11am service is a good fit of my skills and tastes.

All Because of Jesus (B) Steve Fee
Let God Arise (B) Chris Tomlin
-Small talk by me on Exodus 16
You Never Let Go (A) Matt Redman
The Stand (A) Hillsong

Special- Offering (F) Paul Baloche

The message was on Matthew 25:31-46...on serving the poor and those in need.

Response- God of Justice (We Must Go) (F) Tim Hughes

Overall I thought the service went about as well as it could have. All Because of Jesus was a new song but I think its one that will catch on when we do it again because its just a great song. I liked that the first two and last two songs of the main set were in a same key. It made transitions quick and easy. One of my biggest worship pet peeves is awkward down time, and using similar keys is one easy way to transition. Using God of Justice at the end worked is such a great song and fit the theme just right. It was really nice to lead one service instead of two. If a lot went wrong in the one service I probably wouldn't be saying that, but being able to put all my energy into one service made me more effective I think. All in all...a great weekend.


janetfra said...

thanks for preparing well and leading so strongly this week! I'll get you those lottery tix :-)

Jenni Clayville said...

It was a great service! SEAMLESS! I'm proud of you!

btw... thanks for the shout-out on the platform.

colorwheel said...

i only wish we could have been there......