Friday, February 1, 2008

Fortuitous Bouncing

It was this week that I realized that being an adult isn't that cool. Well I guess I'm not really an adult, but being in real life out of college (I know I'm in college but I commute and its grad school so it isn't the same) isn't all it is hyped up to be. How did I come to this conclusion? Well, my brother and sister and mom got 2 days off of school this week because of snow. At our place we got a little dusting that I showed a picture of earlier this week. I still had to do homework, I still had to work, no matter if school was closed or not, it didn't matter. Being an adult is no fun, I can't even enjoy the snow.

  • This paper just figured out that college students are walking away from Christianity. What a shocker!!!
  • An interesting CNN article on the world's major religions and how they view the environment.
  • I've spent a fair amount of time following this election process so far. By far the best coverage on tv and the internet is CNN. It is not even close. They are fair and objective in their analysis and I have learned tons from watching. They know their stuff.
  • A golfer who is ranked 22nd in the world thinks he is the ONLY one who can challenge Tiger. Apparently he is delusional as well.
  • Barack raised $32 mill....that is a lot of change.
  • An interesting and thought provoking blog on church leadership and management.
  • This is an honest look into the conflict in Kenya.
  • My biggest complaint about Oregon winters: If it is going to be 35, it might as well get down to 30 and snow.
  • I guess the new type of model is supposed to look more like normal people.
  • I've been planning to delete my personal Myspace account, but I've run into a few loopholes that Myspace has in place. Hopefully it is something I can fix early next week. I'm just pissed that I missed out on the national delete your Myspace account day.

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