Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Beginnings

For those of you who do not know...I am a Nebraska fan. It feels a bit like an AA statement being that they've been so bad this year. It would only be worse to be Notre Dame fan. And no, I'm not a front runner. My grandparents live in Omaha, and my mom grew up there. Well anyway, yesterday Nebraska fired their Athletic Director and today they hired Tom Osborne. Do you hear that? THAT is the sound of Nebraska's turn around. Their coach is out the door next and good ol Tom will bring things back. I think this reminds me of the greatest college football team, Nebraska 1995.
Let's take a look back at the good years.

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Tyler and Rose said...

oh my gosh ty!!! That movie, and the music and the outifits.....blast from the 80's past! We were made in the 80's baby!! I luv ya! :)