Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Night Thoughts .3

October is such a busy sports month. A great month but lots going on.

It was great to see the Yankees lose, but they would be stupid to get rid of Torre. The Red Sox better not pitch Gagne when it matters after his choke job last night. The Rockies have won 18 out of 19....?? thats crazy. I still think the Red Sox look like and are the best team, but thats why they play the games.

Another wacky college football weekend. 3 weeks ago South Florida was ranked something like they are #2. Two nice wins for Oregon and Oregon St. Sure didn't see that coming from the Beavers, but then again Cal looked horrible without Longshore.

The Patriots are just unreal. They have the best offense and best defense in the NFL. Unless the Colts have a freakish 4th quarter in the playoffs again I don't see anyway the Patriots don't win it all. How about my Vikings baby!!!! Adrian just went off today. I said a few weeks ago that the Bears were garbage and getting lit up for 34 points by my Vikings just proves that. I think the Patriots, Colts, Jaguars and Cowboys are the best 4 teams in the league (in that order).

Joel Osteen is on 60 Minutes Tonight. He is the pastor at the biggest church in the US. I don't really get the big deal with this guy but I'll probably post something about that. I had a Comcast guy over to deal with some TV issues this afternoon and the 60 minutes ad came on talking about Osteen. He muttered to himself "its cause of the money" as to why people go there. I'm not exactly sure what he meant and I don't think he knew I could hear him but its interesting to get an outside perspective (I have no idea of he is a Christian or not) of how Christians are viewed. Clearly Joel is a polarizing figure. People either love or hate him. This video is a good over view of him. Take a look if you don't know much about him.


deut-x said...

I have found Joel to lean towards the camp of "God wants you to be rich (and peaceful and health and happy and ... )". He is not out so far on the wing of "name it and claim it", but Mr. Happy is moving that way.

Though it does sound like he has a pretty interesting testimony regarding the church.

mirandita said...

Hmmm... my inlaws love joel and watch him all the time. i've only seen him a couple of times so i don't know enough to really form a negative opinion. i think he definitely offers a lot of positive perspectives for people who see the glass half empty. i can see how some critics say he's more of a self-help seminar kind of guy, but i just don't know enough to say anything negative. one thing, i didn't know he didn't go to seminary which is amazing to me, that he can pastor such a huge church and not have a degree in theology. wow.

GodSide said...

Well I might not agree with all of his theology...I still think he is doing a lot of good for the Church. For every one church that focuses on speaking a positive message (Heaven has come to you) there are 10 that speak a negative (You are going to Hell) message.