Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Tough Decisions in Life

I've been a PC guy my whole life. Well at least since the decision became mine to make and not my parents'. I've also never considered for more than two seconds the possibility of buying a Mac. That is....until today. I could probably give credit to this new stance to Ross, Matt, and Kyle. But it is more than just them. As I've decided to go into ministry and have started in seminary and knowing that a lot of my work in the future will come within the worship ministry area, I know that media type stuff is far better with a Mac than a PC.

My understanding of Mac's is that they make video, audio, and design much easier for a dummy like me. My PC can't do that and it's starting to piss me off. I have no program on this new HP that will help me design a website, edit music, and produce a high quality video (don't tell me MovieMaker can do that). The new operating system for mac's is coming out on Friday and you only have to pay one price to upgrade, how crazy is that. None of this premium, basic, and ultimate junk that Vista has. I looked through Apple's website on their reasons why they are better than a PC and its pretty solid.

So the big dilemma...Mac or PC? I still don't have an answer. Sure I would buy a Mac right now but they are expensive and I just bought a PC 3 months ago. So what are you...Mac or PC? And if you were me how can I take advantage of my PC before I more than likely make the switch. Or maybe I'm just not seeing the positives of pc's...I don't know. I'm freakin confused but I want iLife...can't they just come out with that for pc's. For the greater good, PLEASE!


Ross Gale said...

I'm glad you're slowly moving from the Dark Side.

mirandita said...

mac? yuck. (that would be my ignorance speaking). i don't get the whole mac craze, if there is one. i'm pretty computer illiterate so i don't get all the computer mumbo jumbo, i'll just stick with what i know.

inWorship said...

Mac craze :) Sign me up!

You will love a Mac. I've been exclusive for 3 years and will NEVER look back.

By the way, I can't remember how I found you, but I am down here in Southern Oregon. Nice to find another blogger out there from the Northwest!


Jenni said...

I have both a Mac and a PC. Both are great, but I definitely use them for different things.

In all honesty, I like my Mac better. For what we do, it's just better. I'm not slamming PC's but I think Macs are just made better.

My sister, who had a Dell computer for the last 4 years, just bought a Mac and LOVES it. Most people who have switched over wouldn't switch back.

Plus, it's much much MUCH more difficult for a Mac to get a virus, while a PC can get one just by being on.

Just my $.02