Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things I've Learned about Leading Worship by Being a Janitor .5

I started this janitor job back in August. It would be obvious to say I'm a lot better at my job today than when I first started.

Leading worship is not like riding a bike. I've been leading worship for about seven years in some way and I'm fairly certain I'm "better" today than I was then. I don't just mean musically though. I have grown in leadership, awareness, confidence, knowledge...and the list goes on. I know I'm not the only one that can attest to this growth after years of leading. Leading worship is unlike any other musical "performance" (there isn't a better word, don't freak out over it). I've never been to a concert (outside of a worship night) where it was the band's job to lead the people in singing and to focus and play for someone else. That is what I mean by different. So if you want to become better at leading worship...all the seminars and conferences in the world won't help you. You just have to do it and from that you will learn the areas that you can improve on.

I'd say 5 of these is enough. So its your turn.

What has your job taught YOU?


deut-x said...

My job has taught me that I still have a responsibility to use my talents/gifts to not serve myself, but to serve something outside of me. Just tonight on my way home I was thinking that since we are created in the image of God, how we naturally portray that? I think part of it is through serving. I couldn't thank of many jobs that were truly self-serving, but most jobs out there were in some way, shape or form, one of serving someone. Jesus was the Ultimate Servant, and I think that it is a form of worship to serve others (with the intention of serving Jesus). I was even trying to brainstorm in my mind how we might have a "service" appreciation event at the church to honor those that serve somehow, the message could be tied into Jesus being the servant, etc... we would need a bigger church or more services to accomodate. (not that it's bad!)

Jenni said...

I've learned to make sure I lock my computer up before I leave for even two seconds.

Two words:


klampert said...

tyler...great stuff here...i cant remember how i found your blog, but I like what youve said...