Thursday, November 15, 2007

Perfect Weather

Being from Oregon I've always thought about how great it would be to live somewhere else. My sister went to college in LA and my other sister is going to SoCal too. I understand how great sunny days are, and I can appreciate them considering between now and April I'll experience only a hand-full of them. However, in Cali you have to deal with the unbearably hot summers. In Oregon you don't even need air conditioning but 3 or 4 days a summer. So I just wonder if living somewhere that is sunny all the time (San Diego), humid all the time (Caribbeean), warm all the time (Hawaii), is really better than somewhere like the midwest, northwest, or northeast. They all have very distinct seasons, mild summers (not the midwest), and the northwest cities such as Portland and Seattle see snow once or twice a year so it rarely gets below freezing.

What is perfect weather?


mirandita said...

yeah, we discuss this one a lot and usually Oregon still wins in the weather argument. although, i think that eastern oregon has the best of both worlds, dry hot summers but snowy cold winters.... however, nothing to do over there to support my social life :? HAH!

Ross Gale said...

Oregon is perfect weather for me.

GodSide said...

Depends on your definition of "perfect." If you are applying to some idea of perfection that exists outside of each persons thoughts of which weather is more desirable than others...I would argue that all weather is "perfect" because it is what God intended.

Personally I like it all...the rainy days make me appreciate the sunny ones alot more. The coldest winters make the hot summers wonderful.

colorwheel said...

Bright blue winter skies...snow hanging off the tree boughs, seeing the northern lights...long summer days, never "too" hot.
I guess a sign of contentment is wherever you are, it's the best!
For us.......the far north. :0)