Monday, December 10, 2007

Driving .2

In Oregon we have reflective bumps in between lanes on highways. Not so much a speed bump but kind of a reminder that you are changing lanes. I have 2 thoughts about them.
1. We are allowed to have studs on our tires for snow and ice, but we have these bumps which make the roads almost impossible to snow plow. Now that makes a lot of sense. If you plow the road, it rips all these reflective bumps off.
2. I find them really annoying. If I am changing lanes do I really need a small bump to hit my tire to remind me? I doubt it.

So I usually play a game where I try to get all 4 of my tires to avoid hitting them. It isn't easy. I would say I probably have a 50% success rate.
Anyone else play this game?


Matt Singley said...

"Avoid the turtles" is one of my favorite games! Yes, I always played that.

mirandita said...

great game, a classic.

Kesh kesh bo besh said...

yes, I'm pretty good at.

Wisdom ( said...

I guess you're very passionate about this road issue.

Are the bumps there just in case you fall asleep an veer into the other lane?

Maybe you should move to a neighboring state where they don't have annoying driving issues. : )