Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fortuitous Bouncing

It has been an interesting Christmas "break" for me. Hasn't felt like much of a break with work and stuff going on at church.

Rose and I are about to sign a new lease on our apartment. With all the rain and cold we've been having some mold problems with some of our windows that never see the sun.
Any advice?

I was getting used to being out of a seminary classes and having no homework until I read this. It brought me right back to all the confusing stuff I read.

John Newton is one of my favorite song writers. Yeah, he has been dead for a while, but he is still as good as it gets. His life story is one that shows God's grace in profound ways.

My mum in law is FAMOUS!!!

Check this television show review site. Scroll down to their review of "In God's Name", the show I talked about a few days ago.

One guy's list of the 10 ten blogs of 2007.

A snow update for those who don't live in Beaverton...the national weather service issued a heavy snow warning for all of Portland metro for today...I saw probably 20 flakes ALL DAY! Someone needs to be fired.

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Ross Gale said...

Haha, I still love your title for this.