Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wrong Again?

The most overrated forecast EVER. How can you call for 3 inches of snow...while I got NOTHING!!!!


mirandita said...

calm down mr. braun. we have until 6:00 tonight to be burned emotionally. give it time.

colorwheel said...

OK, so, what is it about snow that so thrills you? Connection to earlier life memories? Hmmm, just curious...Cars in the Valley aren't snow-worthy, and plowing is non-existent. Perhaps the fascination is that life comes to a screeching halt with but a half inch there! Here, a 10" snowfall merely delays travel by a few extra moments to brush the fluffy stuff off our cars and make our way from house to auto. It's beauty, especially during the darker winter months is cheerful, reflecting the little light that we do have, clinging to the trees and frosting the mountains with a fresh coat of white paint.

I do hope you get your little bit of snow today. :0)