Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Greatest Blog

Blogging is diverse. No blog is exactly the same. Not everyone likes reading the same type of blog.
I think it is fair to say that the most popular type of blog is informative. Blogs like Lifehacker and Seth Godin don't really write personal things, they write to inform their readers.

Some people only blog about their lives and the happenings around it. Some people blog because they enjoy it, others blog because it is their job, and even others blog because they want more readers.
Some people blog specifically about one topic, while others (like me) go for anything.
Opinions vary about what makes a great blog.

So what do ya think...what makes a great blog?


deut-x said...

I think that what makes a great blog is relevancy, updated regularly - and if it is a more personal blog, than insight into that person.

mirandita said...

i think mine is pretty awesome. haha!

no seriously, i like when they are updated regularly, and if the blogger is funny.