Thursday, December 20, 2007

How it all Began .3 of 3

During high school the youth worship team and I led for the adult services many times and I think we were pretty decent. I started college and I didn't lead for anything all of freshman year. I would play in my room when my roommate was gone working.

Then my dad started at a new church, New Harvest. At the time they were pretty weak within the worship area. I started just playing guitar every week throughout that summer (2004). Then I started leading a song here and there, and then I think they got the clue that I had could do fine leading so I led every week. The worship director played piano but didn't sing so I wasn't the head person for worship but I was the up front person on Sundays. I played every week, then every other week, then once a month and now I lead there only a few times a year. During college I led a Friday all campus worship time during chapel, but it wasn't a required attendance thing. Little did I know I was leading with my future wife.

Final Lesson-
I have done little to nothing to make myself a musician. During high school and college I always thought I was more an athlete than a musician. You are really one or the other, you can't be both to your friends. Most people I went to college and high school with don't even know I sing or play guitar. So I'm weird, I know, but I also think that you can try and try to be a good singer but it partly is just a thing given to you. For whatever reason God gave me that gift that I hardly ever work at. I just put a cd in my car and sing along. I don't and can't play lead guitar, I don't know music theory well enough, but I can lead worship. Practice makes perfect. I've grown leaps and bounds musically by just playing on worship teams. I've also grown in my leadership abilities by just doing it. You will learn more by doing something than by taking lessons or reading a book about it. Bottom line: DIVE IN.


Ross Gale said...

You were always a musician to me Braun.

mirandita said...

i think it's evident that the Lord called you to be a worship leader... just like he called your dad to be a pastor.

p.s. i think it's funny how you and your dad both do series'. the apple doesn't fall far :-P