Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh Monday

Today was a weird day. Yesterday was a crazy day. 2 services in the morning, afternoon practice, another service at night. I felt like today was a let down, that there was no way it could be better than yesterday. Just a downer feeling. I wasn't sure what exactly I was feeling and then I read this. The blog by Milestone Worship talked about the idea of MAWD. Monday After Worship Disorder. He said what I felt better than I could. I had poured everything I had into yesterday and today was just a let down. His blog helped keep it in perspective for me though. I've done worship on Sundays for years and I have rarely felt a downer the day after like today, so it caught me by surprise.

Ever been there?

PS...I'm doing better now. The Vikings are Monday Night Football tonight, for the first time all year!!!


Jenni said...

all the time, man!

when we lead worship and get the privilege of worshiping all day, it's difficult to just go back to "real life". doing what i do on sundays and wednesdays is living in my sweet spot.

sometimes, everything else just seems blah.


btw... i've decided i'm gonna post the word verification required to post my comment from this point on for all to see.

my word verification today is: "wowlkyau"

jscottkill said...

Thanks for the link! Hope you are feeling better after the Vikings win.