Monday, December 17, 2007

Survivor: China

I have watched Survivor for a long time. I watched the first three seasons, took a small hiatus and then began watching them all again my freshman year of college. I guess you could say I'm a fan. I always get crap for being a reality tv fan...but really, I'm only a fan of the good ones. Survivor was one of the first if not the first of the reality tv shows. People have 2 reasons for why they don't like it.
1. No one else likes it...It has been going for over 8 years now and is always among the most watched shows, so you can't say no one watches it.
2. Other people say that it is always the that I say that it is a show primarily about human interaction, which is never the same. It might be the same format with similar games and style, but every season is a new group of people.

This year was different from the rest because out of the final five, there was only ONE guy. And this guy was a pint size flight attendant, so he was really only like HALF man. As much of a fan as I am...this was a real bummer. There was one twist in the middle of the game that basically knocked out two of the biggest male competitors. I like this review blog. Check it out if you watched the finale. Needless to say, despite my problems with this season I still watched the whole thing and I intend to watch the next one. Newest twist for next season: past Survivor favorites versus Survivor fans. Should be great.

Does anyone else like this show?


mirandita said...

actually, i haven't got into it since australia (which was awesome by the way), mostly because of time. if i'm going to get into a reality show, i don't want to miss any of them or i'll be lost. but that's not to say that i'm not a fan. i really like amazing race too.

Fletch said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

I've seen every season since the latter half of season one (which I resisted when it first started). Sure, it's more of the same year in and year out, but I'm consistently entertained by it and, save for a few hideous things this season (the uber-lame special effects during the challenges, for starters) see it as a notch above most reality shows for the degree to which it takes itself seriously. The Amazing Race could probably be lumped in with it on that note, but I just never got into it and feel it's too late to start now.