Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Perfect Boss .2

So we looked at two different types of bosses. The micro manager and the macro manager. The question posed was: what is the most effective type of boss? Who makes their workers most efficient?

Although I said I tend to enjoy the macro managing boss, I don't think that boss is most effective for the average worker. Why?

1. Over time that type of boss allows their employees to find the loopholes in their job.
2. The employee gets complacent because their boss is never around to make sure they are always working hard.
In reality it is probably a combination (of macro and micro) that is most effective but I think you have to be a micro managing boss to get the most out of your employees.
I work with a guy who likes the type of boss who is macro managing, but he NEEDS the micro. Most people don't have a perfect work ethic, me included.

I certainly don't enjoy this type of boss because they stress me out. I am given no freedom and always feel like someone is looking over my shoulder. So while a micro manager may produce the most effective worker, they certainly do NOT produce the most satisfied worker.

All the comments on the previous post makes it pretty obvious that everyone wants to work for a macro managing boss. The importance of a satisfied worker should never be understated, but for effectiveness alone...I think the micro managing boss gets the most out of their workers (even though the employees might want to quit).


Ruth King said...

The University of Florida did a study that showed most people don't leave their company. They leave their bosses. Micromanaging is one of the major reasons people leave.

If I had a micromanaging boss I'd quit. Macromanagers follow up, ensure that their teams are reaching goals and objectives, and are there to help when issues arise.

I manage this way. If I didn't trust my team, they wouldn't be employees in my company. If they don't meet their goals and objectives they aren't there long either.

Ruth King, CEO and author of "The Ugly Truth about Managing People."

mirandita said...

i am my own boss... sometimes i micro and sometimes i macro... that's how i roll.

right now i'm giving myself an extra 15 minute break...

Tyler said...

wow I had an author comment. Thanks Ruth for your input. I think you are saying what I am. Micromanaging is necessary, but people quit the bosses that do it.