Wednesday, January 2, 2008

5 Reasons I Love Snow

Those of you who know me, know that I love snow. I live at 200 feet above sea level in Oregon and snow isn't really abundant in these parts. I always get at least somewhat excited about the possibility of snow in the forecast, only to be disappointed almost every time. So I thought about why it is that snow is so wonderful to me.

1. Snow brings different colors to life. Most of the time things are either yellow or green. Snow covers all that to make things white.

2. Snow changes the pace of life. We all have routines to our daily life. We work from 8 to 5 or we always do grocery shopping on Tuesday night, snow changes all that. We can't drive as fast, we want to get outside to enjoy it, or we have to shovel the drive way (of course this never happens in Oregon).

3. Sledding. Who doesn't love sledding?

4. A day off. Anytime it snows in Oregon, school is canceled. This, in turn, means a lot of businesses are closed. Nothing is better than an unexpected day off.

5. It is peaceful. Snow doesn't make much noise. It rains a lot here and the pitter patter gets old after 5 months of it.


mirandita said...

i like to eat snow, but Sean is totally grossed out by it. i say if you avoid the yellow stuff, you're golden.

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson said...

Tyler braun! you can't say you NEVER use a snow shovel in Oregon (because i have one in my garage, and let me tell you, it gets used), or school is ALWAYS canceled for snow!

Move to Bend, its the place to be.

I would agree, i LOVE the snow, which is why Ian and i don't ever plan on living in the valley ever again.

colorwheel said...

Snow, hands down is better than rain.
Even with less daylight in an extreme northern latitude, snow reflects light, so it seems much more bright than Willamette Valley winters.
Skiing. Snowshoeing. Extreme tubing. Peaceful walks in warm boots. Neighbor helping neighbor.
Hot drinks. Hot tubs. Down comforters.