Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blazers: 13 in a Row

Living in Portland I am surrounded by Blazer fans. Most of them aren't hardcore because for the past 5 years they have had nothing to root for. I can't tell you how many times someone has brought up their recent win streak though. Everyone thinks they are so good and that things have finally turned around. I disagree. Why?

1. Portland fans are paranoid and fickle. Everyone thought Rip City was back when Oden was drafted, and when he had surgery everyone thought it was over. This all happened within a month or two.

2. I can think of at least 8 teams in the Western Conference that are much better than the Blazers. Only 8 get can't be considered a pretty good team if you don't make the playoffs. Suns, Spurs, Mavs, Lakers, Warriors, Nuggets, Hornets, Rockets. Even with the win streak they would barely be in the playoffs if they started today.

3. They have only proved themselves to be relevant in the NBA. They aren't a contender, but they are no longer irrelevant. So I guess that is one moral victory they can have. Teams have to actually play hard against them now.

4. If injury-prone Brandon Roy gets hurt, they could easily lose 13 in a row. He is, by far, their best player on the court and the only real difference maker they have right now.


Matt Maghan said...

See here Tyler, this might be the ONE time you and I actually might agree on something... At least a little bit :)

1. Portland fans are fickle, i'll give you that, but they are also frontrunners!

Case and point The Oregon Ducks.

People here were already booking their flights to New Orleans when the Ducks were ranked #2, the next week you couldn't even talk to a single Duck fan who thought there were going to make a bowl!

2. I agree with you that they aren't a contender for the Western Title, but they are just proving that RIP CITY, RAP CITY is still somewhere within Portland.

But still, I find it weak that people actually still use that phraze around here, what do Drexler, Porter, Kersey, Williams, and Duckworth have to do with the 2007-08 Blazers?!

so im going to leave you with this... They are young, and they can only get better. Be happy that the local team is finally pulling up their skirts!! Hows the T-wolves doing?!

mirandita said...

yeah, i'm not impressed. i mean, really... what team can hold the record for most consecutive playoffs and not win the championship?

but i do like dollar dog day at the rose garden.