Monday, November 19, 2007


Sunday morning at 1am on 99W there was someone driving northbound in the southbound lanes and hit a car of 4 girls from George Fox. One of those girls was killed. She was my age, she was actually in my orientation group freshman year of college. I had never really talked to her, or the other 3 girls in the car. You can read a news article about it here. Reading about it and watching it on the news makes we wonder how even three of them survived. George Fox has gone through a lot of loss in the last four years as now 3 students enrolled have died, one by a drunk driver, one lost at sea, and now this. Please remember to pray for those involved and touched by this. This felt a little different after Rose's fiasco on Friday afternoon. You can read about that here. Life is pretty fragile and a hit closer to home than normal always shows us that. I only wish it would sit in my heart longer than it usually does.

Thank you Father for my wife and for her safety. Thank you for the life which you have given all of us. It is through You that we live and for You that we desire to live.


Tyler and Rose said...

hey babe! talk about a week to be thankful for life is such a tradegy- the death of Cara and the other driver. I am so glad that God chose to spare my life this week- apparently He still wants to use me in this world....and US- I am thankful and i love you ty- so much.

colorwheel said...

We watched the news clip on the accident..."Deadly Crash Stuns College Community". Such a sad and tragic accident! We're praying for the families & the injured girls. Our lives are truly in His hands.